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Interactive English Language School

Brighton, United Kingdom

If you want to study English in a warm and friendly atmosphere and still get the highest quality tuition, Interactive English is for you. We are a small and friendly school, owned by a teacher and run for the students.

Interactive English Language School is a family run, British Council accredited school in the heart of Brighton. Just 50 minutes away from London but based on the seaside, it makes a perfect location both for studies and holiday. We pride ourselves on our friendly and supportive environment as well as experienced and qualified, native speaking teachers. We offer General English courses from Elementary to Advanced Level and Exam Preparation courses (IELTS, FCE, BEC and CAE) to adult students (18+), all year round.


IELTS Exam Preparation
From 18 years old 15 students per class 1 lesson — 45 minutes
5 March—16 March

This course leads to the Cambridge International English Level Testing System examination. IELTS is often required for those who wish to attend a course in tertiary education in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and some institutions in Singapore.

The course is for students with a higher level of English who are preparing for the academic IELTS examination.

The course consists of 15 hours of lessons a week. It is taught in the context of the four exam papers – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Ideally students would be at Upper-intermediate level but, as IELTS is a multi-level exam, students can join if they are Intermediate level and are committed to working towards the exam.

By the end of the IELTS – Exam preparation course you will be able to:

- interpret and describe graphs in writing

- write a discursive or opinion essay

- read and interpret academic texts

- answer comprehension questions on written texts as found in the IELTS examination

- identify specific information and infer point of view in written texts

- take part in discussions and practise the speaking skills required in the IELTS examination

- perform with confidence in the oral component of the examination

- take accurate notes from a spoken text or dialogue

- listen to a variety of spoken text types of the kind used in IELTS examination.

If you want to study at university in the UK, you will almost certainly need to take the IELTS exam in order to show that you have the necessary level of English, you may also need to take the exam to show your level of English if you intend to live permanently in an English speaking country.

On average our students achieve 6.5 in IELTS exams (mean 6.26)


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Host Family

20 minutes from school on public transport
Minimum age — 18
Half board

If approached with the right attitude (both by the host and the student), staying in homestay accommodation can be a fantastic way to improve your English, learn about British culture, and possibly make new friends. We try very hard to make sure that all of our homestay accommodation is clean, comfortable, and friendly. We inspect all accommodation and interview the hosts before we accept them for our students.

Britain is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic community, and our people have tastes that reflect our long history of immigration. As well as traditional ‘British’ food, you are likely to be offered Italian, Indian, Chinese, and many other different styles of cuisine. And we don’t usually stop everything at 5 o’clock for a cup of tea.

The population of Britain is made up of people of all races, ethnicities and religions, so you may be living with people who don’t look like what you might imagine British people to be.  Some homestay providers are not of English origin but all speak English to high standard.

It is also possible that your homestay ‘family’ is not similar to typical families in your country: it may be made up of two parents with a number of children, or it may just be one person living alone, or anything in between.

We try to match students with homestays and to find the right homestay for everyone. It is important to book early and to tell us about your requirements e.g. in the areas of diet, smoking, children and pets.

half board


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About school

94 Church Road, BN3 2EB, Brighton, United Kingdom
Average age: 25
  • Argentina — 1%
  • Belgium — 2%
  • Brazil — 7%
  • Bulgaria — 1%
  • China — 1%
  • France — 7%
  • Germany — 4%
  • Italy — 27%
  • Japan — 2%
  • Jordan — 1%
  • South Korea — 4%
  • Libya — 2%
  • Russia — 2%
  • Saudi Arabia — 2%
  • Spain — 21%
  • Turkey — 10%
  • Netherlands — 3%
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