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Limerick Language Centre Ltd

Limerick, Ireland
Excellent 4.9
School 5.0
Accommodation 4.6
Course 4.9
Free time activities 4.9
The school is excellent, I liked everything!

Limerick Language Centre is a quality English Language School in the west of Ireland.

The centre is recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications in Ireland for English Language Teaching (ELT). In addition, all of our teachers are university graduates and certified teachers of EFL. Teachers at Limerick Language Centre are energetic and enthusiastic, many have more than 10 years of teaching experience in Ireland and abroad. Our teachers are committed to professional development which helps to appreciate recent developments in EFL. Students are given the opportunity to practise English in contextualised and practical situations in our classrooms. We provide high quality English language programmes but we also take a personal interest in each student and are proud of the outstanding mixture of nationalities: currently there are over 18 different nationalities.

Limerick Language Centre is located in a beautiful Georgian building just a 3-minute walk from the main shopping area in Limerick and across the road from the picturesque 18th century ‘Peoples Park’. The school is medium-sized with 8 purposely designed classrooms with Wi-Fi access. There is a cosy student lounge which encompasses the entire basement. The students have access to a kitchen. There is also a self-access room where students can use computers and printers for project work, research, personal use, email access, etc. along with a full reference library. Students can, at no charge, access the internet by using the school’s computers or their own laptops/tablets/smart phones: our entire building is Wi-Fi enabled.


General English Programmes TOP CHOICE
From 17 years old 15 students per class 1 lesson — 45 minutes
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
29 January—9 February

The General English Programme has been carefully created for students wishing to develop their English in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. They develop fluency and accuracy in their Speaking and Writing skills.

Practise of grammatical structures and different types of language for different situations in real life. Practise is carried out in different ways such as pair work and role plays. Additionally, students focus and practise pronunciation paying attention to articulation, intonation and word or sentence stress.


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Student Apartment Accommodation Grove Island (5 reviews)

15 minutes from school walking
Minimum age — 18
No meals

Grove Island is a modern purpose built student village which houses students in four and five bedroom apartments which have:

- Single en suite bedroom (bedroom including shower, washbasin & toilet)

- Fully-equipped kitchen for self-catering

- Access to laundry facilities in Student Village for a small fee per use

- A comfortable living room with television in your apartment

- Bed linen is provided (but not towels or toiletries)

- A desk in your room

- Adequate storage for clothes

- Electricity, Wi-Fi, water and waste disposal included in price.

Other facilities include:

- Electrical Gold Shield Heating System

- Integrated telephone and intercom system

- Fully addressable monitored fire protection system

- Computerised security access control

- Full CCTV monitoring at security desk

- Fully ventilated en-suite bathrooms

- Colour television

- Internet connection to each bedroom, online 24 hours a day

- Self service laundrette

- Night security patrols

- Secure bicycle storage

- Full maintenance service

- Residential caretaker

- On-site village manager

Grove Island Village includes its own:

- shopping centre with supermarket,

- retail outlets,

- state of the art leisure centre.

It is a 10-minute walk to the city centre and a 15-minute walk to the Limerick Language Centre.

Grove Island Leisure Centre

Major leisure centre facility of C 2500 square metres incorporating a 25m pool, learner pool, gym and multipurpose sports hall with special rates available to students residing in the village.

Host Family (5 reviews)

20 minutes from school walking
Minimum age — 17
Full board

Spending a few weeks with an Irish family is probably the nicest possible introduction to a stay in Ireland. All our host families have been carefully selected, individually inspected and are continually monitored to ensure excellent standards. The majority of our host families have worked with us for many years. They make you feel welcome in the family home and you can practice English throughout your stay. Most host families live in a suburb of Limerick, just a 10-minute bus ride or 20-minute walk from the city centre and Limerick Language Centre.

Standard host family accommodation provides:

- Breakfast, packed-lunch/lunch & dinner, every day.

- The evening meal in the company of family members.

- Laundry facilities

- A relaxed and sociable atmosphere, whether conversing or watching television.

- A comfortable single bedroom, cleaned weekly.

- A change of bed sheets and towels once a week.

- A desk or table provided in the room. Alternatively, a quiet area to study elsewhere in the house.

- Adequate storage for clothes.

- Access to a shower or bath once a day with an adequate supply of hot water and towels.

- Sufficient light and heat when necessary.

- No other student of the same mother tongue in the home (unless requested for couples, siblings or friends).

- Fresh food, varied from day to day.

- Wi Fi or internet access.

You will be advised of your host family address and details before your arrival in Ireland. You can arrive on either a Saturday or Sunday and depart on a Saturday or Sunday. If you wish to arrive on a week day, we will be happy to try to arrange this for you. Host Family Accommodation is available throughout the year.


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November 2017

The school is excellent, I liked everything, except for living in a host family. But my host-mum was a little strange.

Before I went, I read the reviews, and many recommended the host family, as it is a good opportunity to practice the language by talking with the family. But in my case it was the opposite. The hostess has such a strong accent, some times it seemed that she did not speak English at all. For the whole trip to Ireland, I met only a few people with such a strong accent.

I asked my classmates from this school who lived in other host families, they were all fine, everyone was happy with the family.

October 2017

The trip was magnificent. No complaints about the school and housing.

Teachers are excellent specialists who can perfectly explain and help when you do not understand.

Thank you for your good information about trip, the flight and the tourist SIM-card.

I hope in the future once again I will make a trip with the help of your company.


In the summer 2017 I was in Limerick Language Center in Ireland, and stayed there for two weeks. I really liked the school. Here work really professionals, which, most importantly, have the purpose to teach you English. After studying the language at a Russian school, being in a classroom at LLC will seem like a very pleasant experience for you. And this is a huge plus. In addition, the friendly atmosphere that reigns in the school, both from the teachers and from the students, also helps. At school there are various activities aimed to developing the communication skills of students in free time. In addition, if you have any problems on the way, you will be assisted in solving them.

Separately, i must say that to go to this school you need just only because of the magnificent Irish nature. It's really worth it.

August 2017

I studied at this school for 2 weeks. I liked everything very much. Teachers are amazing, cheerful, sympathetic, always help and explain what is not clear. The lessons were interesting, we played games, watched videos from YouTube, grammar was explained with an understandable simple language and immediately gave various tasks for reinforcement. At the school there are various activities that give an opportunity to get to know everyone and to communicate. Also the school arranged excursions (not expensive). In the city there is a railway and car station, so if you want, you can see the country yourself.

July 2017

I liked this school very much! The staff is very friendly, teachers are great! Every day we had entertaining programme after lessons. Best of all i liked that there weren't a lot of Russians, so i can practise my English all the time. I would like to stay for a longer time, because Ireland is a beautiful country. Even though i have travelled a lot - i was in Cork, Dublin, Cliffs of Moher and some other places. I recommend to choose homestay instead of residence.

Big thanks to LinguaTrip!

very good

Very cheap and not bad school, located in the cozy and quiet town of Limerick. The quality of education is good. We discussed different topics, read newspapers, watched different videos about Ireland and not only. The Irish accent it's easy enough to understand them.

The prices are much lower than in Dublin and the people here are more friendly I think so. The nature in Ireland is very beautiful.

very good

Wonderful building, very good education in this school! Improved my language skills. And helpful people :) I liked this city so much.


I watched Marina's video on Youtube and went to this site. And I ended up in Ireland. :-))

Employees of Linguatrip advised me this school, which suited me financially, plus I did not want a big city. (Enough of Moscow). And in the end, price - quality - the level of teaching and all expectations were more than justified.

I was in group A1 and I did not have any problems with communicating with teachers, with other students, despite the fact that there were no Russian students in the group. All classes were held in a playful form, accessible for understanding.

My apartments was clean, once a week changed bed linen and towels. I rented a car in Ireland for the weekend, and drove through this wonderful and unrealistically beautiful country. Especially cliffs - are highly recommend to visit.

So I advise you this school and Linguatrip company. The prices are lower than in schools, the service is excellent.

Peace for everyone! :-))


A very nice school, I would certainly return to this school to learn English and meet new friends

February 2017

Hi! I went to this school for 3 months. I liked it all very much. Lovely friendly atmosphere in school. Highly qualified teachers. Small groups (up to 8 people). At school there is a small hall (room) where you could get acquainted with students from different countries and talk with teachers. As for teaching - there were no complaints, if you want - you do not want to, but you will speak and think in English. Also, thanks to my host family (Laura), I learned to speak more correctly in English, learned some idioms, phrases.

After school, sometimes I went on excursions and some free activities.

Some part of my heart will always be with Ireland.

March 2017

The school has a family atmosphere, on the first day we were amazingly welcomed, which gave us confidence to try to talk. In my case, the teachers were excellent, the theory is a bit complicated but you need to work quickly and do homework. Some of the guys were on the Work and Study program and for six months the guys pulled their level up to C1, although they came with zero level.

Staying with a host family was a great idea, because you learn a lot and practice a lot.

The school is very good in terms of language orientation, price and quality. Also, school administrators are sympathetic people and are happy to help and talk about all the "lifehacks" of Ireland.

April 2017

Great school... I had an amazing experience in Limerick thanks LT. Thank you all!

Limerick Language Centre Ltd (Limerick, Ireland) language school reviews
October 2016

The school Limerick Language Centre left a positive impression. All the teaching staff are the masters of their trade. I'm sure that russian speakers will impress their skills immediately because there are no russians at all.

The school has also organised free time effectively. You can choose what you want - irish dances, barbeque, watching movies or just spending time with other students. You may visit a lot of places and cities from Limerick by yourself.

I studied at Limerick Language centre for 3 weeks and lived at Student Village. This type of accommodation is comfortable but sometimes too noisy because there are a lot of foreign students cooperating together.

I may strongly reccommend this school to anyone who wants to learn english language, visit Ireland and meet new friends.

Limerick Language Centre Ltd (Limerick, Ireland) language school reviews Limerick Language Centre Ltd (Limerick, Ireland) language school reviews
August 2016

My trip to Limerick was great despite of some difficulties because of long distance to the Limerick itself. Anyway, it was worth it!

I have studied in Limerick Language Centre almost a month so that the learning process was really effective. Your teachers and other school staff always interested in my opinion if it's okay with the course, if I felt myself comfortable studying at the group.

I was very lucky with the family. They were friendly and welcoming, also the food was really delicious.

The only thing that was bad was the long distance to the school from the family (almost 50 minutes by foot).

Anyway, I can strongly recommend this school to everyone who wants to improve their english skills.

November 2015

There is a positive mood in this school! The lessons are simple and useful at the same time. The teachers are friendly in the school and outside of the school. It is based in a nice area, the building is pleasant with attractive classrooms.

About school

16 Mallow Street, Limerick, Ireland
Average age: 25
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