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It's the best way of travelling for me, when you learn and have fun at the same time....
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1108.5 CAD$for 2 weeks


408.5 CAD$

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Intensive English
  • Intensive English
  • IELTS Preparation
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for 2 weeks
  • for 1 week
  • for 2 weeks
  • for 3 weeks
  • for 4 weeks
  • for 5 weeks
  • for 6 weeks
  • for 7 weeks
  • for 8 weeks
  • for 9 weeks
  • for 10 weeks
  • for 11 weeks
  • for 12 weeks
  • for 13 weeks
  • for 14 weeks
  • for 15 weeks
  • for 16 weeks
  • for 17 weeks
  • for 18 weeks
  • for 19 weeks
  • for 20 weeks
  • for 21 week
  • for 22 weeks


450 CAD$

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Homestay 18+
  • Do not book accommodation
  • Homestay 18+
  • Homestay 15-17
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Half board
  • Half board
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School's registration fee

250 CAD$

You save when booking on Linguatrip

21.5 CAD$

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Total cost of your trip is due now, because your course is less than a month away

5 out of 5

Hansa Language Centre

Whether you need private instruction or prefer learning in a small group setting, Hansa Language Centre creates the ideal environment for language studies.

Upon arrival at Hansa Language Centre, every student takes a placement test and undergoes an interview with one of our student counselors. The placement test evaluates grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills. The interview assesses the student's speaking and listening abilities and helps us design the best study program for their needs. Students meet regularly with counselors to discuss their study program and progress. Follow-up tests and interviews are scheduled to monitor progress and determine when class changes are needed.



Excellent, qualified teachers


Students can study what they need with Hansa's Flexible Learning System


Hansa students consistently outscore other language students on TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS exams


An average of only 8 students per class


Both of Hansa's campuses are conveniently located in midtown Toronto, steps from Eglinton subway station


Awesome weekend trips and daily activities


Hansa is a fun and friendly school


Hansa is recognized by Languages Canada and the MTCU; our full-time students are eligible for student visa authorization


Hansa has liaisons with over a dozen Canadian high schools, colleges, and universities as well as scholarship opportunities


Hansa operates two complete buildings, with modern and comfortable furnishings, computer labs and free WiFi

Language courses

Intensive English
  • 15+ years old
  • 9 students per class
  • lesson 55 minutes

Intensive course in the school is designed to maximize the development of all types of language skills in a short time. At school, you can choose 25 and 30 English lessons per week. Students will replenish their vocabulary, strengthen their grammar, improve written English, strengthen their reading skills, gain self-confidence and improve their communication skills.

430 CAD$408.5 CAD$for 2 weeks
IELTS Preparation
  • 15+ years old
  • 9 students per class
  • lesson 55 minutes

The IELTS Preparation Program at Hansa gets students ready for either the Academic or the General IELTS exam. Program does more than just familiarize students with exam questions and teach test taking strategies. This program breaks the IELTS exam down into simple steps, starting with the very basics of the English language, and builds on them each day. All students who successfully complete Hansa’s IELTS Preparation Program should be able to obtain a 6.5 or greater in all four skills of the official exam.

Minimum course duration — 4 weeks
Not available


Usually check in two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in your account.

The school must confirm the availability of your chosen accommodation.

If the selected housing is not available for your dates, the school will offer another accommodation option for you to consider.

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I don't need housing

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Homestay 18+
  • From 18 yearsFrom 18 years
  • ~30 minutes to school by public transport~30 minutes to school by public transport
  • Half boardHalf board



450 CAD$for 14 days
+ 3
Homestay 15-17
  • From 15 yearsFrom 15 years
  • ~30 minutes to school by public transport~30 minutes to school by public transport
  • Half boardHalf board
470 CAD$for 14 days


Not required

  • 100 CAD$

    one way


We strongly recommend you to book your flight only after your participation in a course and visa are confirmed.



School address:

2160 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2A8 Tel: (+1) 647-560-4246; (+1) 416-487-8643; (+1) 416-485-1410 , Toronto

M4S 2A8

Reviews 3

Total score

5 out of 5

Leisure time


I really enjoyed studying. It's the best way of travelling for me, when you learn and have fun at the same time. I'm 39 years old, but I felt like I was 25, because basically the age of the students around you is about that. Living in a family you do not need to think about anything (cleaning, cooki

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The best school ever! I will never tire of enthusiastically talking about my trip. Firstly, the study flew by unnoticed, because the process was very interesting and you are immersed in the English-speaking atmosphere with your head from the very first day. Like Canada, absolutely all people around

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